Costumer's Notebook

Often as I'm working I get curious peeks over my shoulder at my various notebooks to see my sketches and what I'm working on. Working off this idea, I named my blog "Costumer's Notebook" to help share some of the design work, the challenges, the triumphs and the end results of putting together productions or projects. I've found the people really enjoy getting to see what goes on behind the scenes. 

Inside the costumes of "Winter"

Happy holidays everyone! 5280 did a wonderful write up and interview with me about Wonderbound's new take on a winter tradition. I've also posted some fun videos regarding the production below.

For many ballet companies, December means Nutcracker time. But we wanted to get back to the "roots" of what winter time means and mix in a few fairy tales.

It was a very fun show to do as the space was quite small and intimate. This allowed me to add more detail than I usually do for the stage. We also engaged all 5 senses of the audience for this production to create an immersive experience. 

Have a wintery, wonderful, Wonderbound holiday!

Costume Design Interviews:

Inside the costume design inspirations for "Winter" by 5280 Magazine

"Winter" sneak peek

Performer Interviews:

Wonderbound goes into the woods - Point Magazine Interview with Dancer Meredith Strathmeyer

Interview with Candice Bergeron about her character for "Winter"