Costumer's Notebook

Often as I'm working I get curious peeks over my shoulder at my various notebooks to see my sketches and what I'm working on. Working off this idea, I named my blog "Costumer's Notebook" to help share some of the design work, the challenges, the triumphs and the end results of putting together productions or projects. I've found the people really enjoy getting to see what goes on behind the scenes. 

The Masks of "Marie"

For those of you who experienced Marie last weekend, you know the haunting effect that Tom Varani and Andi Pliner’s masks had on the production. Not only did they illustrate the unstoppable march of revolutionary fervor but they also highlighted how alone and helpless the Queen felt at the end of her reign. Crafting such emotionally potent pieces of art was no easy task and involved hours of casting, sanding, recasting and painting. We caught up with the artists behind the masks to see how it all happened.

Costume Design by Rachael Kras

Baroque Chamber Orchestra of Colorado:

Tom Varani and Andi Pliner:

Amanda Tipton Photography: