Costumer's Notebook

Often as I'm working I get curious peeks over my shoulder at my various notebooks to see my sketches and what I'm working on. Working off this idea, I named my blog "Costumer's Notebook" to help share some of the design work, the challenges, the triumphs and the end results of putting together productions or projects. I've found the people really enjoy getting to see what goes on behind the scenes. 

Presenting Denver: Wonderbound's "Love" and the Examined Life

Wondering what to expect from this Wonderbound performance?  Expect enthusiastic applause.  Expect to witness powerful artists flexing their various crafts and loving it.  Expect a multi-generational audience ready to participate in the humor and joy the company brings to the stage. 

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How does one produce costumes that are striking but not overwhelming, sumptuous but wearable (for serious movement!), and inform the choreography? I don’t know. Ask Intimate Letters (also “When the Power Goes Out” and “For the Love of Pete”) costume designer Rachael Kras. While immaculately finished, the general sense is of a state of undress, which suggests vulnerability. This suits the close and private nature of the piece. That is, private within oneself as well as private between two people.