Couture works. Some of them are wedding white. 

"Tiger Lilies and Fire Opals", A maternity gown for a ballerina

This is an epic, gorgeous maternity set I did in collaboration with photographer Amanda Tipton and ballet dancer Meredith 'Strathmeyer' Worobec who was 30 weeks pregnant for this shoot. It was so exciting to capture and celebrate this very special time in a dancer's life. Read all about it in my Notebook.

Spirits of the Forest Collection - "Summer"

"Summer" is inspired from the lush green of woodland forests. Green velvet is hand smocked into a leaf texture at the front. It is bound with hand-dyed raw silk. Read more about this gown in my Notebook. Photography by: Amanda Tipton


"Spring" is inspired from an excerpt in Cassandra Clare’s book “City of Ashes” (The Mortal Instruments series, Book 2). Clary Fray, the main protagonist, goes to a party that includes fairies on the guest list.  Read more about this gown in my Notebook. Photography by: Amanda Tipton


Spirits of the Forest Collection - "Morning"

“Morning” is a gown inspired by the rising sun shining through dew-laden spider webs. It embodies the concept of morning rays piercing the cool woodlands with its radiance.  Read more about this gown in my Notebook. Photography by: Amanda Tipton

Colorado Cabin Wedding - Private Commission

Eleanor is a busy production manager for a contemporary ballet company and was planning an intimate, secluded cabin wedding in the Rocky Mountains for her big day. Eleanor is an amazing artist and crafter for theater productions and her wedding day choices reflected her sense of personal style.

Eleanor wanted something feminine, but not girly or fussy for her wedding and emphasized comfort. In her initial research she shared with me, she had examples of simple, white, cotton summer dresses. Some of them contained a color pop element such as dark chocolate or soft beige accents. 

As her designer I coaxed her into something a little more refined than cotton and we chose a designer knit from Milan. It was a heavy, cream colored knit with a smooth surface that gave an appearance of a slight satin like sheen. We paired it with a fawn colored 6" crystal pleated lace for the accent hem. It is an avant-guard choice for a "gown" but I felt it fit many criteria for Eleanor.

Eleanor has a family of experienced knitters and is an avid knitter herself. From the beginning, her dress design was conceived of with the incorporation of an exquisitely gorgeous shawl her mother was creating for her. We chose a shade of fabric to complement the yarn choice and went with a classic A-line shape which concentrated all of the detail at the “hi-lo” style hem line.

All photos courtesy of Amanda Tipton | Kokoro Wedding Photography

Modern Vintage Wedding Gown - Private commission

Meredith Murphy is a fellow costume designer who wanted something simple made for her big day. True to all costumer designers, she was in a bit of a time crunch between working on shows and her big day. Meredith designed her gown and provided me with a sketch and her selected fabrics. I chose a vintage 1950's pattern and customized it to her petite frame to execute the design. Photography by: Emily Porter

Victorian Wedding Gown - Private commission

Alanna's wedding gown inspiration originally came from a ball gown in a movie called "The Inheritance" based on Louisa May Alcott's novel. However we both shared a deep love of Mina Harker's red ball gown from Bram Stoker's Dracula. Alanna's design for her gown was a hybrid of all her favorite elements. The results were spectacular. [Photography by: Sophia Maisano Dewitt, Daniel Cormier and Greg Kras. Credits noted in captions.]

16 yards of 60" wide Ivory Duchess Satin (Silk blend).
48 feet of custom, lavender dyed 4.5" lace. 
Total hem length: 260 inches. 
Overall length of pleated hem: 780 inches (roughly 22 yards). 
Total weight of finished gown: 35 pounds. 
Total length of corset boning: 125". 
Cream thread: 750 yards. (2,250 feet). 
Lavender thread: 125 yards (375 feet). 
Time to assemble pleat hem: 2 days (18 hours). 
Design and assembly timeline: 6 months.