Featured below are production photos of original Rachael Kras costume designs and construction.

Heartfelt acknowledgement is given to Wonderbound and the amazing Garrett Ammon.

These galleries would not be as beautiful without the gorgeous photography of Amanda Tipton, Photography for Fine Artists


"Boomtown" follows our hero, Johnny Alpha, as he leaves his hometown to chase the girl of his dreams. His arrival in Boomtown begins an adventure of self-discovery that sends him hurtling through a series of mishaps and chance encounters that ultimately make him question what he wanted all along.

Choreography by Garrett Ammon

Music by Chimney Choir

Costumes by Rachael Kras

Lighting by Star Pytel

Footage by Brad Stabio

Editing by Sam Pike


Enduring Grace  [Sarah Tallman's Son of Man]

Gone West

Love [Intimate Letters] 

A Gothic Folktale, with Professor Phelyx and Jesse Manley 

Memories and Well Grounded Hopes, With Hal Aqua and the Lost Tribe

Perpetual Beauty [Garrett Ammon's Serenade for Strings] 

From Darkness to Light

A Dangerous Liaison [For Pity's Sake, My Love and In Between Seams]

Love In The Digital Age

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